Monday, March 15, 2010

Cleaning and Care For Sinks

Our kitchen sinks and bathroom sinks get a lot of wear and tear throughout the day, over time they begin to show the wear. With a little elbow grease you can get your sink looking like new in no time flat.

Fiberglass sinks

Use a non-abrasive cleaners like dish washing soap or household all-purpose cleaners. If you want to take the green route use some baking soda moistened with water to make a paste then wet the surface and rub with the paste on a soft cloth. Rub gently and make sure you rinse thoroughly to remove all of the cleaner.
Never use any abrasive cleaners like common scouring powders, nor any abrasive scouring pads, or steel wool.

Porcelain Enamel Sinks

To clean porcelain, wash with warm or hot soapy water, using detergent or baking soda might help remove soap scum and soil. Always rinse with plain water.
If you choose to use scouring powder it should be the very finest one possible. Most scouring powders contain abrasives that can cause scratches. Once the porcelain surface has been scratched, it attracts dirt, grease and soap residue, which then becomes hard to clean.
Important Tips To Keep In Mind

* Try to rinse your sink after every use. This will make the sink smell fresh.

* Avoid pouring left over coffee, tea and juices into your sink, because such liquids can cause staining. Instead, put the liquids directly to the drain holes

* If you have a dual basin kitchen sink, then swap the sides that you use for washing and pre-washing, every now and then. This will allow the even use of drains.

* Make sure that the cleaning product is suitable for the finish of your kitchen sink, because not all the cleaners are recommended for every type of sink. For instance, in the case of a stainless steel sink, you may use abrasive cleaners. On the other hand, porcelain needs something more delicate, to prevent the surface from scratching.

* Make sure that you clean the faucet and the back of the sink as well to avoid mold and bacteria growth. You may use a solution made with one part vinegar and one part water for cleaning the faucet and handles.


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