Monday, November 30, 2009

Cleaning Windows

At Grime Solvers, we clean a lot of windows for both business and residences. Clean enough windows and eventually you find tips that can make the job go faster.

Is there a best time to clean windows? This answer might surprise you but a cloudy day is the best time to clean windows. Sun actually makes cleaner dry too quickly. This could leave streaks behind because the cleaner dries before it can be removed.

What’s the best place to start inside or out? Start with the outside windows. This way when you get inside to clean you can see the streaks you are leaving behind. You can’t see the steaks when you are looking from the outside in due to the dark rooms and reflections on the window.

What is the best window cleaning technique? Spray cleaner on the glass until the window is evenly covered but not dripping. With a clean lint-free cloth, an old pillowcase also works well, wipe horizontally. Repeat on the outer side of the window, but this time wipe vertically. Wiping in different directions allows the streaks to be seen more easily.

Consider the whole picture – think about cleaning drapes and blinds as well as windows and window frames all at once. It might be painful to do it all at once but you’ll thank yourself later.

Remember if you are simply tired of cleaning your own windows let the professionals at Grime Solvers take over. Grime Solvers, it’s the next best thing to doing it yourself.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Cleaning Silver

You’ll undoubtedly be breaking out the silverware this Thanksgiving and your probably need to clean and polish your silver before you serve your guests. There are many ways to remove tarnish from your silver service. In this blog we are going to cover some common methods of removing tarnish.

Before you try any of these methods, particularly polishes creams and chemical removers test a small spot to make sure it doesn’t damage your silver. If you are concerned check with a professional before you clean your silver on your own.

Chemical Polishers and Creams

Whether you’re using a spray or cream the directions usually involve first thoroughly washing your silver with hot water. Then before the silver cools applying the spray or cream. Spread a thin layer of cream or polish over the utensil and wait for approximately 30 seconds. Lastly, with a clean cotton cloth, remove the polish and the tarnish.

Home Remedies

If you don’t have polish or you simply don’t want to use chemicals I found several ways to clean silver using common ingredients that can be found around the house. One such method involves covering the bottom of a large pan or your sink with tinfoil. Add one tablespoon of baking soda and add boiling water. Then mix with a large mixing spoon. Place your silverware into this mixture and let them sit for one to two ours. The tarnish should come off on its own. Instead of baking soda I have also heard of using salt in the same process above.

Lastly, another method that I have not personally used is toothpaste. Using toothpaste and a paper towel rub the toothpaste on your silverware. With a clean paper towel clean off the toothpaste. It should turn dark as the tarnish comes off. You must use white toothpaste, not gel and wash your silver when you’re done. Otherwise your dinner will taste minty fresh.

Of course, if you want the professionals to clean your silver, call Grime Solvers. We are experts in residential and commercial cleaning in the Northern Virginia area.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Kitchen Cleaning

You are hosting Thanksgiving dinner this year and your kitchen looks like a tornado has touched down. Instead of stressing out about it, we have a few easy steps to get you ready for Thanksgiving Day.

One of the most important ways to easily clean up your kitchen’s appearance is to de-clutter. Put away everything that you will not be using while preparing and cooking your Thanksgiving dinner. You will need all the counter space you can get, so put away things like the toaster oven and coffee maker that won't be needed during meal prep. De-clutter your kitchen surfaces, then spray your favorite cleaner on the surfaces and wipe clean with paper towel. Don't forget to clean the vertical surfaces like the fronts of the refrigerator, stove, microwave, etc.

Washing the dirty dishes is the next step. Wash, dry and put away any dirty dishes in your kitchen sink or dishwasher. You may need those dishes or utensils for Thanksgiving Day and you definitely will need your sink and dishwasher. Take a clean paper towel and wipe down the faucet so it’s spot free.

Don’t worry about cleaning your oven, because your Thanksgiving dinner will create spills and messes and you can tackle this the day after Thanksgiving. With your stove, the same rule applies, just make sure you clean off any food spills from the stove top.

The next step to a clean kitchen is to clean out the inside of your refrigerator. Your guests will be opening your refrigerator, and you will need the storage room. Toss out all those bottles of leftover sauces, marinades and the unidentified items that have been hanging out in your refrigerator for way too long.. Spray cleaner on the refrigerator shelves and wipe clean.

The last step is to a clean the kitchen floor. Don't obsess about achieving a spotless shine on your kitchen floor because there it’s going to be a high-traffic, high-spill area on Thanksgiving. Do a quick sweep and mop, making sure to clean up any stubborn or visible spots.Now you can sit back and enjoy your Thanksgiving dinner because you’ve cleaned what you needed to without exhausting yourself. And remember, if you don’t have the time or simply don’t feel like cleaning for the holidays call the professionals at Grime Solvers.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Grime Solvers Cleaning Tips

It’s one thing to say that you’re an expert but it’s another thing to show that you’re an expert. The focus of the Grime Solvers blog is going to be to provide cleaning tips for common household cleaning needs. Our hope is that by helping you with the small cleaning jobs, you’ll call us when you have big cleaning need. We’ll be posting two tips a week so check back and see what our cleaning experts have to say on topics like how to clean ovens, floors, garages, basements. We’ll even go into organization tips for your children’s bedrooms, because after you clean it’s best to keep it clean. Here is a sample of a tip that you can expect to find on our blog!

Tips for cleaning your garage?

Cleaning the garage can be a long, tiresome process and if the job is too big you should call in the professionals at Grime Solvers. But if you’re going to tackle it yourself here are some tips:

1) Organize the mess: establish two piles. One pile will be for things you’re going to keep and the other will be for what’s going to go.

2) Plan to clean your garage around a yard sale. A yard sale is a great way to get rid of items you don’t want to keep. Your junk is someone else’s gold.

3) Take on one side at a time. You may not be able to finish your garage in one day. Plan two weekends and clean one side at a time. This way you won’t over do it.

4) Gets hooked on hooks. Your rafters represent wasted space that could be used for organization. Use hooks to hang bikes, baby strollers, rakes and other garden equipment. This is going to help you maximize your clean up.

5) Use the right equipment. If you don’t have a powerful wet/dry vacuum buy one or borrow one.

6) Bins are your best friend. Use plastic bins to store and organize everything from sports equipment (shoes, skates, balls) to auto parts (nuts, bolts, drills). Bins are a great way to get organized and stay organized.

Don’t take on more than you can handle. Call Grime Solvers when the project requires a professional.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Grime Solvers – more than just a catchy name

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Since 1983, Grime Solvers has been Northern Virginia’s most reliable commercial and residential cleaning service. We tailor our maid service to your needs. Just call us and we will come out to your home our business to discuss how our services can be adapted to your schedule and lifestyle.

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-The Grime Solvers Staff